Junbishi Milli 2013

Press Release Regarding Pressures Against Single Candidate from Coalition Rahmatillo Zoirov

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August 5, 2013

The National Movement of Tajikistan asks all citizens, national organizations and international institutions to voice concern and objection regarding targeted pressures of the government against Rahmatillo Zoirov, chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Tajikistan and potential single candidate from coalition of parties in upcoming presidential elections.

According to a reliable source at the moment the General Prosecutor’s Office in collaboration with the State Committee on National Security is intending to open a criminal case against Mr Zoirov solely with the purpose of creating legal barrier for his participation in elections.

Hence, on August 2 Rahmatillo Zoirov was already invited to the General Prosecutor’s Office for questioning on various issues. Today he was called to this government office again and asked to provide written responses to their questions, including explaining legal aspects of his recent statement naming last year’s military operation in Khorugh an act of “state terrorism” which left hundreds of people dead and injured.

It should be noted based on country’s laws any citizen with pending criminal case is not allowed to be nominated as candidate in elections. Opening a criminal case without any substance just a month before formal announcement of Rahmatillo Zoirov as single candidate from coalition of parties demonstrates the fact that current government is afraid of democratic processes and does not want to see any opposition in elections. Additionally, according to a reliable source the case against Mr Zoirov will most likely be dropped right after elections and it is another proof of using state powers by a particular group as a tool to promote dictatorship regime.


Press Release Regarding Arrest of Zayd Saidov, Creation of New Coalition and Withholding Financial Aid to Rahmon’s Government

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Press Release, April 14, 2013Today we call on all citizens, political and public organizations of Tajikistan as well as active members of the global community to condemn the government of President Rahmon for its illegal actions and threats against civil society leaders of the country carried out in the last few weeks.

Specifically, actions taken by Anticorruption Agency against Zayd Saidov, a former Minister of Industry and successful businessman following his announcement of initiative to create a political party called New Tajikistan clearly went beyond authority granted by laws to this government office and were obvious abuse of state powers to intimidate citizens and discourage people’s involvement in political processes in the country.

Mr Saidov was arrested at Dushanbe airport on May 19, 2013 without proper court order or annulment of his immunity status as representative of local legislature which was in total violation of laws of the republic. It is third week since he is being held in custody on claims of polygamy which is a matter handled in court and until its final decision he should be free.

Additionally, members of newly established Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society (CDCS), including its Committee for Defence of Zayd Saidov, have come under targetted questioning and threats by security officials last week. CDCS which is comprised of leaders of political parties and movements, media and public associations, and well-known individuals in society asserts that all its activity is within laws and citizens’ rights in safe and peacful atmosphere should be exercised and upheld.

Letter to President of Ukraine Regarding Abdumalik Abdullojonov

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Government of the Republic of Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine

Dear Mr President Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych:

The National Movement of Tajikistan expresses concern about the arrest of Abdumalik Abdullojonov in Kyiv on February 5, 2013 with possible extradition to the Republic of Tajikistan and asks for your impartial oversight of this case.

Mr Abdullojonov was the former prime minister of the Republic of Tajikistan and after participating in presidential elections of 1994 left Tajikistan under pressures and threats. The Government of Tajikistan accuses him for organized crimes pursuing his arrest, but Mr Abdullojonov has been accepted to the United States and lived there for past years within regulations of the political asylum case.

We believe Mr Abdullojonov is being pursued for his political activities and in general, current government of the country is launching targeted attacks against all opposition parties and movements on the eve of upcoming presidential elections in November of this year. Therefore, we strongly urge you to withhold from extraditing him to the hands of Tajik officials as it will result in unfair trial, imminent tortures and death of this citizen.